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There's No Better Way to Build Your Leaders' Coaching Skills than
Through Practice.

SIMmersion PeopleSIM™: Coaching & Performance Counseling uses cutting-edge technology to deliver realism that before now could only be experienced in a live skills practice.

PeopleSIM is likely the first interpersonal simulation to deliver a better experience than traditional skill practice.

That's right – we said BETTER than traditional skill practice.

  • Proven coaching model
  • Realistic skill practice
  • Immediate expert feedback
  • Web-based CBT
  • Remote access via PC or Mac 24/7
  • Optional voice control


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Did You Know that by Working with Blueline you can
Improve Your Company's Bottom Line?

Our experience shows that your employees will make tremendous gains in their contributions to the company's bottom line and productivity when you increase their capabilities in just a handful of essential competencies. These include: business finance and strategy, marketing, project management, leadership, and innovation.

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