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Q| In your role you
often get to experiment with new learning technologies before they become mainstream. What's new in immersive learning today?


A: There are two things that have my attention right now. First, we just recently launched a new coaching simulation that may mark the end of classroom-based role-play as we know it. It leverages a gaming engine, voice recognition, and hundreds of decision points to create an experience so real that participants can play for hours without having the same experience twice.


Second, several of our clients have been experimenting with innovative software that uses artificial intelligence to speed mastery by creating a unique experience for each learner. This new tool incorporates all of the latest research about brain function and learning. The preliminary results suggest that learners who use this software retain three times the information… in less time. I'm really excited about it.

Q| How will the training market evolve over the next decade?

A: For much of the last decade, corporate America chased innovative learning technologies because we could afford to. Now we're chasing them because we can't afford not to. Over the last decade we watched as developers raced to create sexier and sexier designs. More recently, we have watched the pendulum swing to simpler, low-cost outsourcing solutions. These approaches promise savings with volume, and they leverage wage imbalances by maintaining workforces overseas. As this economy gains traction there will be a movement toward solutions that simply deliver results. The market will demand easily implemented solutions that are proven to develop mastery quickly -- created by people who have the skills and passion to understand the challenges of the business. Online simulation and social media applications will continue to evolve and to play an important role, but classroom training will make a resurgence with more and more immersive designs – as they remain the most effective way to facilitate transformational change.

David Milliken


Q| How does a Princeton-trained economist become a fixture in the training industry?

Q| What do you mean by inefficient marketplace?

Q| Despite difficult economic conditions including unprecedented unemployment, Blueline Simulations seems to have flourished. In fact, you've made a name in the onboarding arena, with recent awards from ASTD and Bersin. Does that seem odd to you?




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