Give the next generation the skills they need to lead.

How do people learn to lead? By stepping out. By making decisions. By taking action. By making mistakes. As people grow in their leadership roles, there is risk – to the leaders, to their followers and to the organization. What if you could reduce or eliminate that risk?

We simulate the application of new leadership strategies so that leaders can safely hone the skills they need to achieve peak performance. Learners benefit from:

  • Developing skills and confidence in a safe environment
  • Testing the application of innovative strategies and approaches
  • Level-specific experiences
  • Higher retention than other learning methods
  • Skills specific to your organization’s needs

Blueline gives your next generation of Supervisors, Managers and Executives the skills they need to lead:

This immersive eSimulation challenges experienced and high-potential leaders to address performance gaps and establish expectations in a realistic setting – all while receiving immediate and continuous feedback. Optional classroom and/or virtual classroom elements can be added to create a fully transformative experience.

A one-day simulation in which competing teams strive to grow their businesses by making investment decisions, funding their strategies and evaluating their results in terms of real-world financial metrics. Participants prepare for this classroom or virtual classroom experience by building their basic financial knowledge through the Fluent in Finance™ program.

In this one-day simulation, teams of learners compete to deliver the highest return on human resources by identifying, motivating, coaching and developing talent.

A one- to two-day simulation in which competing teams make a broad range of strategic and operational business decisions in a fast-changing marketplace.

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Implementation Showcase:
”Leading by Doing”

The need:

Store managers at a Fortune 100 retailer were challenged to make decisions and prioritize myriad customer, employee and organizational needs every day. At any given time, a manager might have had to react to an employee calling in sick, tend to another employee with an urgent question, deal with an unhappy customer, consider a new sales opportunity or follow through on a directive to update the store to support new promotions. Success or failure on the job was often dictated by the manager’s ability to handle competing priorities in a way that aligned with the organization’s values.

The Blueline Solution:

After partnering with the retailer to analyze critical failure points in the managers’ decision process, Blueline recommended a highly immersive “level 4” eSimulation. The final design presented three-dimensional avatars set in a realistic store environment. It was built on a very sophisticated gaming engine that allowed us to build in randomization, time sensitivity and success meters.

The Result:

The design enabled managers to practice making decisions in a safe and fun “gaming” environment familiar to a new generation of retail managers. Participants could play the simulation multiple times, with each experience feeling fresh and new. The managers reported increased confidence and job satisfaction and described the experience as “fun and entertaining.”

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