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Why Chose Blueline



Identify Insights
and Build Alignment
through our "voice of your
business" process.


Engage Your Organization...
with innovative
communications programs.


Create Sustainable Impact...
using learning technologies that
build new capability.



Why Chose Blueline



Trainees connect with immersive simulations. The result? They learn.


The investment to create immersive simulations has been reduced tenfold in the last five years.


Simulations influence beliefs, develop knowledge and build skills better than any other method.


Why Chose Blueline





Custom Solutions



Join Blueline's Free Leadership Innovations Webinar Series.

Are you, like most companies today, wrestling with how to respond to the talent shortage? Discover our complete set of leadership development experiences first hand through a series on 50-minute webinars hosted by Blueline’s Managing Partner and Director of Leadership Innovations. 
Learn More >>

Upcoming Webinar: Performance Coaching Skills for High-Potential Leaders

Performance Coaching: This immersive eSimulation challenges experienced and high potential leaders to address performance gaps and establish expectations in a realistic setting - while receiving immediate and continuous feedback. Optional classroom and/or virtual classroom elements can be added to create a fully transformative experience. Sign up for this Webinar Now >>

Upcoming Webinar: Business Acumen Skills for First & Second Level Leaders

A one day simulation in which competing teams strive to grow their businesses effectively by making investment decisions, funding their strategies, and evaluating their results in terms of real-world financial metrics. Participants prepare for this classroom or virtual classroom experience by building their basic financial knowledge through the Fluent in Finance™ program. Sign up for this Webinar Now >>

Recordered Webinar: Business Strategy Skills for High-Potential Leaders

During the info session and demonstration, you'll get an exclusive sneak peek of Executive Challenge™ and get to see first-hand how this revolutionary new program will change the way you groom your next generation of Executives! Watch this Webinar Now >>

Recordered Webinar: Management Challenge™

In this highly immersive talent management simulation, participants practice communicating with employees, delegating projects, and managing employee engagement. Listed to this 50 minute webinar and experience exactly how Management Challenge™ delivers a vivid talent management learning experience that parallels the real-life challenges faced by every manager you know! Watch this Webinar Now >>

Recorded Webinar Now Available!
Gamification: is it Edu-tainment or a Genuine Opportunity to Engage Learners?

In this webinar we show you the basic principles of gamification, and how best to apply them to your eLearning initiatives. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a huge budget or complex programming to design eLearning that’s as addictive as Angry Birds. If motivating your learners is a challenge watch this webinar now.

Brandon Hall Awards Blueline Simulations Five Gold Awards

The Talent Management Specialists at Blueline Simulations receive five Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in the categories of Best Custom Content, Best Learning Game, Best Use of Virtual Worlds for Learning, Best Integration of Learning and Talent Management, and Best Onboarding Program for custom training solutions developed for client partners, Booz Allen Hamilton and Verizon Wireless. Click to Learn More.

Learning to Coach: New Technologies and New Opportunities Now Available.

Blueline has just launched a new coaching simulation that may mark the end to classroom-based role-play as we know it. It leverages a gaming engine, voice recognition, and hundreds of decision points to create an experience so real that participants can play for hours without having the same experience twice. Click here to learn more.

Explore Unique Communications Solutions from Blueline Simulations.

Learning begins with awareness. Behavior change is preceded by understanding. So why do so many consulting firms separate the critical competencies of training and communication? Click here to learn what that could mean for your organization.



Independent Research Proves Learning Retention Improves to 95%
with Digital Tutor.

Blueline has created an alliance with an innovative software developer that uses artificial intelligence to speed mastery. The patented "digital tutoring" system incorporates all of the latest research about brain function and learning. Independent studies prove that learners who reinforce initial learning with this software retain three times the information… in less time. Click here to learn more.

Blueline Client, Booz Allen Hamilton, wins Bersin Learning Leaders® Award
for Learning and Talent Initiative Excellence

The Bersin Learning Leaders® program is designed to identify the very best in organizational learning and talent management. The program’s goal is not just to provide awards – but to recognize organizations which are driving high-value solutions based on business strategies. Bersin’s focus is on the use of benchmark criteria based on years of ...

read more

Building & Restoring Trust Recorded Webinar Now Available

Learn how one of the world's leading professional services firms is reengaging its workforce by building a culture of Trust. Discover the tools available to support your reengagement efforts. Experience action learning design elements from each of the tools.

Differentiate yourself and your company through The Speed of Trust® Simulation and the Speed of Trust Meeting in a Box™ tools from Blueline Simulations. View recorded webinar now.

Blueline Sponsors Local Team

support from blueline

The Blueline team is proud to be active sponsors and volunteers in local communities that we serve. Blueline has sponsored a scholarship or a team at the Tampa Fusion Football Club each of the last 4 years. We are also active in local schools as a sponsor and volunteer.


The Power of Business Simulations

On April 21st, Blueline Simulations is hosting a one-hour webinar titled "The Power of Business Simulations". Participants will learn why business games and simulations align well with the changing needs of today’s learners... and why, more then ever, they are astonishingly cost-effective responses to critical business challenges. Participants will see why Blueline has earned preferred partner status with clients such as Lilly, Verizon, Booz Allen Hamilton, and more. Learn more now.

Frosty imageEnjoy some Holiday fun. 
Play Frosty's Holiday Meltdown now.





Blueline Simulations adds new product to its suite of shelf simulations

For virtually all of our client partners, leadership is an urgent business imperative. Today, Blueline Simulations announces availability of a new, three-part program, Values-Based Leadership. This web-based simulation focuses on leadership knowledge, inspiration and vision and can be used by individuals or in groups.  Blueline offers this program with the help of our partners at Humentum, and it is available now for review by learning professionals.

In this learning experience, learners are challenged to make a series of decisions over the course of four simulated periods. At the conclusion of each period, the computer generates feedback on each set of decisions. Facilitators lead large group discussions to encourage the sharing of new ideas and information.  As an outcome, participants prioritize activities and develop action plans for work teams, functional areas, or the entire organization. These action plans form the basis for changed behavior and improved practices back on the job.

Contact us to take a free test drive.



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