New-hire orientation training represents a tremendous opportunity. It is an investment that could save your organization millions of dollars.

Welcoming new hires into your organization is an opportunity to immerse them into your culture and dramatically compress the cycle of learning and inculcation. Imagine an experience based on immersive simulations and other discovery learning activities that enable new hires to:

  • Understand their role
  • Become productive much more quickly
  • Improve their time to integration
  • Become advocates and embodiments of the brand
  • Become happier, more engaged and better retained

Onboarding as an immersive learning experience

At Blueline, we create deeply engaging onboarding experiences that inspire passion and confidence. One highly effective approach is to create a custom-tailored “day in the life.” This allows learners to explore their new roles in very vivid ways. They experience and even “practice” the day-to-day activities required of them, enriched by true-to-life interactions with peers, customers, software and/or machines.

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onboarding process at one of the world's legendary consulting firms.

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We can build a cost-effective custom solution for organizations with 150 or more learners. Explore our myriad custom capabilities, and learn how we use storytelling and gamification to enhance our classroom, virtual classroom and mobile-accessible designs. Click each icon to learn more.

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Implementation Showcase:
”Rapid and cost effective onboarding”

The need:

One of the world’s most prestigious strategy and technology consulting firms sought an improved approach to onboarding employees. It wanted to excite and engage new associates while at the same time equipping them with the skills to succeed. The firm engaged Blueline in dialogue around how its course content and curriculum could be delivered in a more powerful and immersive way.

The Blueline Solution:

Blueline developed a four-day experience using experiential and discovery-based learning techniques – including a Blueline Blueprint™ and a two-day game-based simulation. Working in teams, participants encountered challenging situations that required them to apply the firm’s core values, decision models, and planning and analysis tools. The new design immediately created a context for success.

The Result:

The program is exceeding the objectives of creating excitement in new employees and quickly equipping them with the tools to succeed. It validates their decision to join the firm by enabling them to make connections between critical concepts and real-world challenges through practice and application. In addition to ranking among this client's best-received learning experiences, a comprehensive set of metrics shows a tremendous ROI.

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