Creative, personally invested, flexible and accountable.

We strive to think and act like David in a world of Goliaths. We focus on solving each client’s unique challenges through a mix of immersive learning experiences and powerful communications technologies.

Our unique “Voice of the Business” needs assessment identifies insights and builds the alignment necessary to accelerate achievement of your critical business initiatives.

Our communications and training capabilities engage your organization and create sustainable impact through a distinctive mix of custom, off-the-shelf and tailored solutions.

The result is a business solution that accomplishes your objectives – on time and on budget, every time.

Our name says it all…

Historically, artists and architects developed drafts of their work using a blue pencil. The “blueline” drawing created with the pencil didn’t show up when run through a copy machine, giving them the flexibility to adapt and make changes quickly and easily. Those renderings came to represent flexibility and responsiveness when collaborating with clients.

For us, a blueline drawing is a first step when collaborating with clients on the design and development of a learning visual. Figuratively, it represents our philosophy on client service: flexible and responsive while collaborating to meet your unique needs.

Watch this video to see one of our Master Artists at work creating a Blueline drawing.


Meet Blueline’s Founder

David is a Princeton-trained economist with 25 years of experience in the training and assessment industry. He credits his mentor, Bill Byham (Founder and CEO of Development Dimensions International), with introducing him to the world of workforce training and assessment and inspiring a passion for the power it can create. We had a few moments with David to hear his unique perspective on organizational learning.

Watch this video and get to know David better, and learn about his passion for immersive learning.

What's Next?

 Q: How will the training market evolve over the next decade? 

A:  For much of the past decade, corporate America chased innovative learning technologies because we could afford to. Now we're chasing them because we can't afford not to.

Click here to read the full interview.

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