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Introducing Supportive Selling Skills

Transform your sales function overnight through a combination of world-class sales behaviors and breakthrough immersive learning technologies.

Dale Olsen’s Supportive Selling Skills builds on the research Neil Rackham (SPIN Selling) and others did on successful sales techniques. This breakthrough model can now be delivered via a combination of immersive learning technologies that build skills faster than ever before.

Making major sales on a regular basis just got easier.

Dale Olsen’s latest book, Supportive Selling, details a breakthrough sales model that gives your organization a significant competitive advantage by combining consultative sales with motivational interviewing techniques.

The Supportive Selling Skills experience

At the heart of this immersive experience is a Blueline Blueprint™ learning visual. Rich in visual metaphors and data, our Supportive Selling Blueprint™ learning visual is a catalyst for in-depth discussion and analysis.

Imagine a room full of four- or five-learner table teams. At the center of each is a table-sized Blueline Blueprint™ learning visual – a dramatic graphic that quickly engages each team’s multiple learning styles by inviting learners to explore relevant visual metaphors, dig into data and share personal experiences that challenge each other’s assumptions. And perhaps most important, they engage in rich dialogue that generates deep awareness of the Supportive Selling Skills model.

The Supportive Selling Skills Blueprint™ also serves as a springboard for a range of individual activities and team challenges. Teams compete by responding to a series of situational dilemmas that follow a realistic storyline. The experience adds fun and excitement by including chance events and tracking team scores via a leaderboard. Practical application, action planning and real-time performance support through PeopleSIM™ Supportive Selling ensure that skills honed in the classroom are applied in the real world.

Introducing PeopleSIM™ Supportive Selling Skills

Just-in-time skills practice on your learners’ terms.

Imagine giving your learners the opportunity to hone their skills any time, anywhere via simulation technology perfected through projects with the U.S. military – technology that combines voice recognition and a gaming engine that distributes hundreds of video vignettes that enable your learners to hone their new skills in unique situations for hours.


In this one-day classroom simulation, learners compete to build and retain a profitable customer base by establishing and defending a strong market position. They analyze market research to make tactical choices: Will we go for the high end or the low end of the market? Pursue a unique niche or attack a competitor’s stronghold? Compete on differentiation or on price?

Put your marketing and sales professionals on the fast track to the principles of marketing and branding in this half-day classroom simulation. Learners will join one of four fictional companies who are fiercely competing in a narrow segment of the marketplace. There is little differentiation; the customer base is restless; and there is little brand loyalty.  Marketing and sales professionals see first hand how their decisions will have real consequences in terms of customers’ perceptions and how their preferences change over time.

This one-day experience is an exciting combination of real-life sales application and interactive simulations. Your salespeople learn and apply a repeatable process for increasing sales, improving close rates and reducing cycle times.

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Implementation Showcase:
”Growing Topline Sales”

The need:

Despite a significant investment in new-associate orientation and sales training, Alltel was plagued with frequent staff turnover. The two-week program’s content was extremely technical, and travel and lodging costs alone were in the millions each year.              
Because the sessions were offered in each region only every 45 to 60 days, the opportunity cost of having new, untrained sales associates in the field was huge.

The Blueline Solution:

Blueline evaluated Alltel’s onboarding and sales training and identified content that could be conveyed more effectively online through eLearning and eSimulation. Rather than take salespeople off the retail floor, we developed short interactive sessions that associates could access at the beginning and end of the workday and combined them with in-store assignments that encouraged them to practice what they learned.

The Result:

Associate engagement in training increased, while classroom time decreased from 10 days to four. Travel savings were well over $1 million in just the first year. And based on validated final testing, the new onboard training resulted in greater knowledge retention and sales skills confidence.

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