quick draw video telestrations

Communicate new ideas in a brief, engaging and meaningful way.

Is a Video Telestration Right for You?

Custom Design
Every Blueline quick draw video is custom developed so that it specifically caters to the needs and culture of the target audience and the information being communicated.

Engaging Video
These short, highly engaging videos achieve high rates of retention by delivering critical messages through a combination of hand-drawn images, quantitative information, careful scripting and upbeat music.

Quick draw videos offer significant advantages over many other video-based mediums because they free you from expensive production fees associated with talent, locations, stock footage and more.


Partner with Blueline's Quick Draw Video

12 Days of Christmas Quick Draw Video

Meet Jon Massie, the Master Artist behind the “Partner with Blueline” and “12 Days” drawings and quick draw videos.

As a classically trained artist, Jonathan spent the first 15 years of his career illustrating and creating graphics for some of the best-known newspapers in the country.

Recognizing the power of conveying business concepts through art, Jon has dedicated the latter half of his 30-year career to creating clear and compelling learning visuals to support corporate strategy and organizational transformation initiatives.

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