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Why Chose Blueline


Donna Burnette


Donna has over 25 years of business and consulting expertise in both manufacturing and service sectors. She partnered with Stephen M.R. Covey to build a simulation based on his bestselling book, The Speed of Trust®. A frequent conference speaker, she is sought as a presenter on the topics of Trust and Discovery Learning. Donna's Blueline team won ASTD's 2010 "Best" for its engaging onboarding design for Booz Allen Hamilton. Donna has an extensive background in operations including 15 years at General Motors and two years at General Electric where she embraced the opportunity to facilitate Jack Welch's "Work-Out". Donna has an MS in Organization Development and a BS in Business Management. She has written featured articles in several trade publications.


Robert Coates


Robert Coates


Robert Coates has over 25 years of experience designing and facilitating corporate communications and employee development sessions. He is a catalyst for the motivation, understanding, confidence, and competence needed for successful communication and learning. His experience in design, delivery, and management processes results in new behaviors and skills. He has been a guest on the national television talk show “Speaking of Business,” a presenter at the National conference of the American Society for Training and Development, and a frequent speaker on business relationships at national trade association meetings.


View this 60 minute webinar and you will:

1. Learn how one of the world's leading professional services firms is reengaging its workforce by building a culture of Trust.
2. Discover the tools available to support your reengagement efforts.
3. Experience action learning design elements from each of the tools.

Organizations don't build trust, people do -- one conversation and one behavior at a time. Differentiate yourself and your company through The Speed of Trust® Simulation and the Speed of Trust Meeting in a Box™ tools from Blueline Simulations.

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